Team Greg is raring to go for Revolve24 and we want you!

The Greg team and Greg members have been invited to take part in the cycling event of the year. Smooth tarmac, no traffic, mild autumn weather and a bunch of legends to hang out with the entire time.

Revolve24 is an endurance cycling event offering you the chance to ride the Bend motorsport park for an entire day! The best part is that you don’t even need to convince anyone to come along. You’ve already got a team (and a sweet discount).

Greg will be entering teams in the 6-, 12-, and 24-hour events. All of these events can be done in teams of sizes ranging from solo through to teams of eight.

The Greg team is a welcoming environment for anyone. Whether you’re a seasoned cycling veteran, an old rider who is jumping back on the bike for the first time in a while, or a newbie looking to get involved in cycling for the first time, Greg has your back.

From the time you rock up, Greg will be there to greet, encourage and make sure you’re having a good time! You won’t be able to miss the orange when you walk through the doors. Be sure to expect quality banter in the garages between teams during break periods!

You’ll be looked after by mechanics throughout the event, and massage is available for the real battlers. Greg will even throw in a shirt to remember the good times.

You’ll need your own bike and kit. If you require assistance in sourcing these, please reach out to the email below. Remember to keep an eye on the app for training activities being posted, or put one up yourself!

To receive a discount on entry, enter code GREG10 at checkout.

For any assistance in registering, please contact Jordan from Greg at [email protected]

For more information and to register, head to




March 26 – 27, 2022

The Bend Motorsport Park, Tailem Bend, South Australia

6 HOUR: 12pm Saturday – 6pm Saturday

12 HOUR: 6pm Saturday – 6am Sunday

24 HOUR: 12pm Saturday – 12pm Sunday


Thank you to the Revolve24 team for having us as part of the event in 2022.

Australian Open Inspiration

I don’t know about you, but every year in January I get this sudden urge to resume my tennis 'career'.

One of Australia’s premier sporting events, the Australian Open, rolls around every summer. It is an exciting time where Australia is front and centre for all the right reasons (take that as you will, Novak).

Watching Ash Barty tear apart her opponents while dropping only one game. Seeing Kyrgios crushing aces. Its enough to make you want to get out on the court yourself!

So, I could grab my ‘97 Yonix, my freshly-chewed tennis balls the dog has claimed and head to the nearest concrete wall, practice my forehand to myself for five minutes before I realise playing tennis alone sucks. Or, I could get on Greg, set up an activity and head to the local courts to get a set or two in!

The best blokes on Greg aren’t worried about your ability or fitness level. They just want to get together with quality lads in their area and smack some balls.

Tennis is perfect. You can play with one other person, you can play with three, you can rotate and have a bunch of fellas getting involved. You can even bring along a 6-pack and enjoy a quiet beer afterwards (or during).

So what are you waiting for? Fire up the app and set up an activity! Just be sure to have some ice handy in the freezer for the well-earned soreness tomorrow.


FYI, you can head here to find courts near you.

We're supporting the launch of 'The Mosquito Fleet'

Greg is supporting Lachlan Waterman and the release of his book, 'The Mosquito Fleet'.

Lachlan is hosting a launch event at our building in Lot Fourteen, North Terrace on the 16th of December. Any Carlton fans, footy fans or sports fans in general are invited along!

The event begins at 11am, with trams heading to Adelaide Oval in time for the cricket.

To RSVP, head into the app and find the event.

Get the book here

Galvanized by ambitious coaches and bloodthirsty presidents, the Carlton Football Club seemed invincible from 1979 to 1983.

They were entertainers, dubbed “The Mosquito Fleet,” considered the best group of small men in the one team at the one time.

Carlton won three VFL premierships in four years and their first ever night title in 1983. Off the field, the Blues unforgettable characters got up to all sorts of mischief and mayhem.

The “Mosquito Fleet” is the lighthearted story of Carlton’s greatest era. A team of wild-partying, larger-than-life characters, at times resented by authority, but adored by their legion of fans.

In 2021 and 2022 Carlton celebrates the 40th anniversary of their back-to-back triumphs. When the discussion about dynasties and golden era’s is raised, the Carlton teams from 1979 to 1982 rarely enter the conversation.

The Blues won 78% of their matches and three titles in four seasons yet are often overlooked. Their breathtaking style of play and authenticity will long live in the memories of those who saw them play.

"The Mosquito Fleet by Lachlan Waterman, with its rich and detailed descriptions and extracts from interviews, is an exceptional book that lets the reader explore Australian Football at its finest. I would recommend this riveting book to sport lovers, football lovers and non-fiction readers in general." The Literary Titan, 4/4 Star Review

“A great yarn and era of classic Australian football…well told and researched by a talented author…cheers Lachlan for a bonza book on the blues…”  Craig, Indiebook reviewer (& blues fan!)

“They were as wild a bunch off the field as the game has seen, but when it came to train and match day, they would die for each other.” David Parkin, Carlton coach of the century.

“A powerful and fast-moving story…” William Cane, International Best- Selling author


The Mosquito Fleet takes readers through the golden years of the Carlton Football Club. Why was this an important book for you to write?

Football in the late seventies and early eighties was incredibly tribal. The game was yet to go national, so there were terrific suburban rivalries. In Melbourne, Victoria people lived and breathed the game, it was a religion. Matches were exclusively played on Saturday afternoons. The players were semi-professional, they all worked a normal 9-5 job and were able to relate and connect with the general public. I wanted to reconstruct those magical times again.

What was one of the fondest memories of that time?

Carlton had a team lacking height, just four players over 190cm. The Mosquito Fleet had the most gifted and talented group of small players in the competition that captured the football publics imagination with their breathtaking play. On Sunday nights the ABC had a weekly show The Winners that was must-see TV around Australia. It had the weekly results of matches; The goal of the day, Mark of the day, and Play of the Day, and Carlton seemed to feature nearly every week.

What were some of the ideas that were important to explore in this book?

Issues such as addiction to painkillers, depression and mental health were all important to uncover and explore. In the early eighties no one had the knowledge of stress and depression and ‘having a jab’ in an ankle or knee was commonplace. Mental health is a much stronger focus with professional sporting bodies today, but back then they just didn’t have the resources.

Concussion is another one. Several sportspeople have suffered post career with the affects of injuries to the brain.

(not the) City-Bay

Whether you’ve been training hard to run a PB at the City-Bay, or the thought of trying to get started again makes you want to throw up, my mates and I have some events for all of you.

We’ve got four runs (and counting) coming up this Sunday.

Thanks to some legends of the Greg community, the runs are spread out between Adelaide and the Barossa in SA. Graham and Grant from Melbourne and Manly are also hosting on behalf of Greg, so get out and celebrate the end of lockdown with a short social jog.

The Greg guns running the activities will be rocking Greg orange hats and socks, so you won’t have to worry about not spotting them!


Greg Champion Graham is assembling a crew in Melbourne, meeting in Burwood at 7:30am.

Find the activity in the app and hit Count Me In to let Graham know you’ll be there!


Our Manly man is Grant. He’ll also be heading out at 7:30 on Sunday for a 5km jog along the foreshore. Count yourself in the app if you’ll be making an appearance.


Simon knows people in SA need their Sunday sleep-in, so he’s set the Barossa run for 10:00 in Tanunda. Head out for a 5.5km loop and enjoy the best coffee in the Barossa at Nosh.


Sportitude are putting on the main event from their Hindmarsh store at 10:00, also understanding the SA’s need for sleep. Following either a 5.5km or 11km run, enjoy a brew with the crew at Coffee in Common.


If you don’t see an activity in your area, it isn’t too late to get involved! Set up a run in your local area and hit me up to share it through the Greg channel.


Don't forget to put plenty of photos up on socials, join the Greg club on Strava and post motivations in the app.
Remember to tag me in everything, seeing blokes getting active together brings a tear to my eye.


Love you,




Greg does Movember

Hi Mo Mates

Come and join the Greg. team to raise money for Movember this November.

Movember raises money for mental health and suicide prevention, a cause that aligns strongly with my mission.

So get on board the Greg Movember Team and invite a mate to share in some fun.

First up - Post a photo or video.

Take a close shave OR use a moustache template, and orange one if you can. And post your pre-mo photo to your socials and tag with the hashtags #movember #bringabroandamo #getgreg #belikegreg #greatmatesbetterlives

Second - Regular Mo Growing posts

Keep us in the loop with how your mo is growing. Use the tags as before and share some progress photos!

Third - Get active

Connect with your mates and get active. Nothing complicated, just get reach out to a mate and help get them moving. And of course, compare mo's.
Need some inspo, check out other Movember events or get in the app to find stuff happening near you.

I have a few plans in the pipeline too, so stay tuned.

Join up now, I can't wait to see your mug!


P.S. When registering search  for 'Greg.' as the company name.

How to host an activity

An activity can be anything that gets mates outside and moving. It’s about getting together, getting some fresh air and having some fun. Nothing complicated, just get some mates together and have a good time.

Plan the activity

You want all your mates to be able to participate, so set an activity that enables a range of abilities to have a go. For a running activity, aim somewhere between a 3-12km walk/jog/run.


Start from a location like a coffee shop or waterfront or public park that has a safe shared path and an easy-to-follow route. Heading around an easy loop or out and back on the same track, means people can go at their own pace and not feel left behind. Set a time limit, for your activity e.g. 30 minutes out, everyone turns around and heads back to the starting point.

Set your activity in the app

Use the Greg app to capture the details of the activity and invite mates, track RSVP’s and motivate mates to participate. Make sure you give it a catchy name and leave the activity open to more mates to join. You can cap your attendee limit at a manageable number. Large groups could be intimidating for some.

Promote your activity

Use social media to invite mates to join you. Tag mates that need encouragement to get some physical activity in their lifestyle. Encourage all mates to bring a plus one. Kids, partners, dogs welcome!

Use the attached Greg social tile or create your own, and let people know that you want to help mates get active.

Social Media Tags

Facebook @getgregapp


LinkedIn Greg

Hashtags #belikegreg #getgreg #greatmatesbetterlives

On the day

Wear your Greg. kit or some orange identifying clothing and get to the meeting point 15 minutes before kick off. Make sure you say hello to all mates that turn up.

Explain the route you will be taking and encourage mates to hang around for a coffee and a chat at the end. Buddy up if necessary.

Have fun! This activity is about getting active and connected, not cracking a PB’s.

Share a happy snap

Take a photo or video of your crew that turned up and share it on your socials, tag as before and share as a motivation in the app.

Pat yourself on the back, you are a legend!


Participating in regular physical activities brings a heap of health benefits. So repeat and keep doing good for mankind. Mates that train together are much more likely to stick at it and feel the benefits.

Mix up the activities and keep it interesting.

Need help?

If you need more tips to help get mates active or support to set up your activity in the app, reach out to [email protected].

Good mates

Hey Mate,

I don't think I properly introduced myself, so here goes - I'm a regular middle aged guy who wants to help his mates to get active and get off the sidelines to reduce some of the preventable health issues that men face.

Or more formally - I'm a men's wellbeing app designed to get men physically active and socially connected, a platform that promotes positive user engagement, not a quick like.

We've all got a mate (nudge nudge wink wink) that needs some extra motivation to get moving.

I just want to be a good mate. I want to know that I have tried to help my mates get active and lead a well balanced lifestyle. This is what I want to be famous for when I grow up.

Nothing makes me happier than hooking up with mates, having some banter and raising a sweat. So helping you hook up over an physical activity is what I live for. Think planning your social tennis games, bike rides, your next adventure. Chuck the details up, invite your mates and have a serve of banter on the side.

I also like making connections through shared interests and location, if you are looking for new things to do.

I'm just warming up, and wanted to say g'day.

Can't wait to see you on a court soon.

Have a good one.




We're not talking about streaming KAYO fellas, we want to chat about something outside the banter today.

October is Mental Health Awareness Month, and our good friends at Breakthrough Mental Health Research Foundation have worked closely with the Órama Institute for Mental Health and Wellbeing at Flinders University and Professor Mike Kyrios to put together an easy to follow list to help improve your wellbeing.

S – Social networking – What Greg. is all about. Connect with others, say gday to an old friend, meet a new legend.
T – Time out – Take time out for yourself and ensure you are focussing on yourself.
R – Relaxation or mindfulness – Now fellas, I understand this is difficult when often our mind is focussing on what sport we want to watch on the weekend or what leftovers we are going to demolish when we get home from a hard working day, but practising mindfulness can help manage anxiety through breathing or relaxations exercises.
E – Exercise – Staying physically fit is an important way to manage your mental fitness. Dust off the runners and meet Tom on Greg. for a hit of tennis!
A – Alternative thinking – Just check if your response is reasonable. Heightened tension and stress can be useful to manage by talking with a friend or a counsellor.
M – Mindful of others – Make sure you’re being mindful of other people and any increased stress they might be feeling as well.

Trust us when we say, if Greg. can follow, you can too. Let us know below what you do to look after numero uno, which is you mate.

Win the ultimate mate date

Competition Time! 

We’re giving away the ultimate mate date valued at over $600. 

Yep, we are giving away tickets to the Greg Come and Try Sailing event, 2 x $100 Sportitude voucher, burgers & beers at PirateLife and some Greg merch so you and a mate can get out and have a blast! 

To enter all you have to do is; 

  • Download the app  
  • Post a Motivation in the app and tag @Greg Hq. 

Easy as.

Winner announced in the app at 3pm Thursday 7 October 2021.


Good luck, best Motivation wins!


Download on the App Store


Terms and Conditions:
1. Entry is open to South Australian residents only. Only one (1) entry per individual will be accepted.
2. Promotion commences Friday 24 September 2021 and final entries close on 12 pm Thursday 7 October 2021.
3. To enter participants must download the app and post a Motivation in the app.
4. The Prize is 2 x tickets to Sailing Come and Try Event on 10/10/21, 2x burger + 4 x pints at Pirate Life, 2 x $100 Sportitude Voucher, a Greg Great Mates, Better Lives t-shirt and a Greg baseball cap. Valued at $600. Prizes are not transferable or exchangeable and cannot be taken as cash. Participants must be available on the event day.
5. Winners will be notified via our app on 6/10/2021 and published on

  • One prize package up for grabs. 
  • A Motivation can be posted from your Profile and is a photo or short video showing mates by how you lead an active healthy lifestyle. 

Come and Try

Grab your Dads, Sons, Uncles, Neighbours or a stranger in the street. We're going for a trot together.

Greg has teamed up with Sportitude to show you that going for a group run doesn't have to be a gruelling task. You don't need to be running PBs. You don't need to worry about pace. Just get through 5.5km in your own time!
The Sportitude running crew are a very inclusive bunch and you'll instantly feel a part of the group.
We'll head for a quick brew and a chat following the run at Coffee in Common. Don't stress, we'll all be sweaty and stinky.

Running not your cup of tea?

How about a sail or surf?
Getting older doesn't mean you need to stop learning how to do new things.
Enjoy the journey of taking on a new skill and come try Surfing or Sailing with Greg.
Greg has partnered with Surf & Sun and The Adelaide Sailing Club to give you the opportunity to learn with others!
Access discounted ticketing in the Greg app!
Download at