Funny, isn’t it? We can put a man on the moon, but we can’t get a crew together for a hit of backyard cricket.

Time to #GetGreg – it’s the firecracker up the clacker you and your mates need to be better blokes!

Hanging out with your mates used to be effortless.

Parties, festivals, playing sport, going to the movies…

Then life happened. We got jobs, got married, had kids, moved interstate, put on weight, lost motivation, lost touch. What we need is a way to make it easy to stay connected, organise fun things, and meet new people.

What we need is Greg.


Improve men’s lives through physical activity and social connection.

How it works

The Greg app is an easy-to-use platform that motivates likeminded legends to crush life together. Its easy to start a group and organise catchups. Whether it’s going on a weekly bike ride, forming a basketball team or a dinner date with a mate, Greg makes it happen.

Still not sure you want to be a Greg groupie?

Better roll out the bullet points!

  • Make manplans with ease
  • Stay connected
  • Chat with mates individually or with the Group
  • Welcome more mates
  • Have some fun.

Getting started

  1. You need a personal profile first
  2.  Set your group up via Connect
  3. Invite your mates
  4. Make some plans.

Download for FREE and get your Group on Greg.