Hi Mo Mates

Come and join the Greg. team to raise money for Movember this November.

Movember raises money for mental health and suicide prevention, a cause that aligns strongly with my mission.

So get on board the Greg Movember Team and invite a mate to share in some fun.

First up – Post a photo or video.

Take a close shave OR use a moustache template, and orange one if you can. And post your pre-mo photo to your socials and tag @greg.app with the hashtags #movember #bringabroandamo #getgreg #belikegreg #greatmatesbetterlives

Second – Regular Mo Growing posts

Keep us in the loop with how your mo is growing. Use the tags as before and share some progress photos!

Third – Get active

Connect with your mates and get active. Nothing complicated, just get reach out to a mate and help get them moving. And of course, compare mo’s.
Need some inspo, check out other Movember events or get in the app to find stuff happening near you.

I have a few plans in the pipeline too, so stay tuned.

Join up now, I can’t wait to see your mug!


P.S. When registering search  for ‘Greg.‘ as the company name.