Connect with mates.

Match with likeminded legends and build your community.

Greg. Connect with mates

Get out. Get active.

Match with likeminded legends and build your community.

Greg. Get out. Get active.

Motivate your mates.

Got a mate or group that needs a nudge? Chat to give them a firecracker up the clacker!

Greg. Motivate your mates.

Great mates.Better lives.

Have you turned into a Barry, all remote controls and TV screens? Or maybe a Darren, chained to the desk, all work and no play? Or a Stevo who’s averaging over 4 Chicko rolls a week?

Gentlemen, it’s not good enough, it’s time to get better…
it’s time to get Greg.

Greg can help you get out of the house, get fit, have fun with your mates, buy a gift, try something new, book that trip away, get some advice, or reach out on a tough day… Whatever you need, Greg will be there for you.

Pre-order on the App Store now to be one of Greg’s first mates once he’s raring to go.

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Learn something new.

Advice, tips and hookups from experts to help you achieve balance in life.

More on Greg

Connect your crew.

Meet new and old mates, and easily organise everything from a casual BBQ to a big competition.

Create your Group

Find Clubs + Business.

Discover clubs and businesses to help you navigate life’s challenges and have some fun.

Have a Business, Club or Organisation? Create a free profile.

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The Merch.

Greg’s got all the gear, and you can look like Greg too with our range of merchandise. From tees to caps, there’s everything you need to look the part and keep spreading the word about Greg.

Charity Partners.

Greg is proud to partner with organisations who share our vision to improve the health and wellbeing of our community.

Partner with Greg

Breakthrough Mental Health Research Foundation    Zahra Foundation Australia

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