Hear that?... the sound of tumbleweeds rolling across the event you organised (but nobody knew about).

It’s ok, you didn’t know about the Greg app. If you did, you could have reached shedloads of keen humans desperate to get out and do new things.

So, you’ve organised an amazing event.

A bike ride for sick kids. A fun run for mental health. Maybe even a pillow fight for disadvantaged dogs.

Now you just need to tell everyone about it. As they say, it’s not what you know – it’s who you know.

And if you’re on the Greg app, you know just about bloody everyone!


Improving lives and transforming society through physical activity and social connection.

How it works

The Greg app is a platform that motivates likeminded legends to get out, get active and have fun with their mates. A big part of that is hooking them up with awesome events – events like yours!

When you sign up to a Pro account on the Greg app, you’ll be armed with the latest tools to host, promote and manage events. All you have to do is list your event and we’ll use our fancy algorithm to match it directly with your target audience. Boom!

It’s time to #GetGreg

Still not convinced why hosting your event on Greg is the bee’s knees (maybe even the cat’s pyjamas)?

Better roll out the bullet points!

  • List, coordinate and communicate your event from one easy porthole
  • Invite new members, keep it open to anyone, or hold a private event
  • See and chat with attendees to keep them motivated
  • Easily update the time, details, location and attendees
  • Choose between free or paid events
  • Let users securely pay to register inside the app

Sign up for your Pro account today and get your events out there.

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