Hey Mate,

I don’t think I properly introduced myself, so here goes – I’m a regular middle aged guy who wants to help his mates to get active and get off the sidelines to reduce some of the preventable health issues that men face.

Or more formally – I’m a men’s wellbeing app designed to get men physically active and socially connected, a platform that promotes positive user engagement, not a quick like.

We’ve all got a mate (nudge nudge wink wink) that needs some extra motivation to get moving.

I just want to be a good mate. I want to know that I have tried to help my mates get active and lead a well balanced lifestyle. This is what I want to be famous for when I grow up.

Nothing makes me happier than hooking up with mates, having some banter and raising a sweat. So helping you hook up over an physical activity is what I live for. Think planning your social tennis games, bike rides, your next adventure. Chuck the details up, invite your mates and have a serve of banter on the side.

I also like making connections through shared interests and location, if you are looking for new things to do.

I’m just warming up, and wanted to say g’day.

Can’t wait to see you on a court soon.

Have a good one.