An activity can be anything that gets mates outside and moving. It’s about getting together, getting some fresh air and having some fun. Nothing complicated, just get some mates together and have a good time.

Plan the activity

You want all your mates to be able to participate, so set an activity that enables a range of abilities to have a go. For a running activity, aim somewhere between a 3-12km walk/jog/run.


Start from a location like a coffee shop or waterfront or public park that has a safe shared path and an easy-to-follow route. Heading around an easy loop or out and back on the same track, means people can go at their own pace and not feel left behind. Set a time limit, for your activity e.g. 30 minutes out, everyone turns around and heads back to the starting point.

Set your activity in the app

Use the Greg app to capture the details of the activity and invite mates, track RSVP’s and motivate mates to participate. Make sure you give it a catchy name and leave the activity open to more mates to join. You can cap your attendee limit at a manageable number. Large groups could be intimidating for some.

Promote your activity

Use social media to invite mates to join you. Tag mates that need encouragement to get some physical activity in their lifestyle. Encourage all mates to bring a plus one. Kids, partners, dogs welcome!

Use the attached Greg social tile or create your own, and let people know that you want to help mates get active.

Social Media Tags

Facebook @getgregapp


LinkedIn Greg

Hashtags #belikegreg #getgreg #greatmatesbetterlives

On the day

Wear your Greg. kit or some orange identifying clothing and get to the meeting point 15 minutes before kick off. Make sure you say hello to all mates that turn up.

Explain the route you will be taking and encourage mates to hang around for a coffee and a chat at the end. Buddy up if necessary.

Have fun! This activity is about getting active and connected, not cracking a PB’s.

Share a happy snap

Take a photo or video of your crew that turned up and share it on your socials, tag as before and share as a motivation in the app.

Pat yourself on the back, you are a legend!


Participating in regular physical activities brings a heap of health benefits. So repeat and keep doing good for mankind. Mates that train together are much more likely to stick at it and feel the benefits.

Mix up the activities and keep it interesting.

Need help?

If you need more tips to help get mates active or support to set up your activity in the app, reach out to [email protected].