We’re not talking about streaming KAYO fellas, we want to chat about something outside the banter today.

October is Mental Health Awareness Month, and our good friends at Breakthrough Mental Health Research Foundation have worked closely with the Órama Institute for Mental Health and Wellbeing at Flinders University and Professor Mike Kyrios to put together an easy to follow list to help improve your wellbeing.

S – Social networking – What Greg. is all about. Connect with others, say gday to an old friend, meet a new legend.
T – Time out – Take time out for yourself and ensure you are focussing on yourself.
R – Relaxation or mindfulness – Now fellas, I understand this is difficult when often our mind is focussing on what sport we want to watch on the weekend or what leftovers we are going to demolish when we get home from a hard working day, but practising mindfulness can help manage anxiety through breathing or relaxations exercises.
E – Exercise – Staying physically fit is an important way to manage your mental fitness. Dust off the runners and meet Tom on Greg. for a hit of tennis!
A – Alternative thinking – Just check if your response is reasonable. Heightened tension and stress can be useful to manage by talking with a friend or a counsellor.
M – Mindful of others – Make sure you’re being mindful of other people and any increased stress they might be feeling as well.

Trust us when we say, if Greg. can follow, you can too. Let us know below what you do to look after numero uno, which is you mate.