Greg. helps guys and gals be better, by getting out, getting active and enjoying life together – and he’s champing at the bit to get you connected! 

The Greg app is an easy-to-use platform that motivates likeminded legends to get out, get active and have fun with mates.  

Hanging out with your mates used to be effortless.

Parties, festivals, playing sport, going to the movies…

Then life happened. We got jobs, got married, had kids, moved interstate, put on weight, lost motivation, lost touch. What we need is a way to make it easy to stay connected, organise fun things, and meet new people.


Improving lives and transforming society through physical activity and social connection.

Keeping mates connected and active

Together we can support mates to stay active and connected away from the Sporting Club or place of work.

Greg helps mates stay connected whilst away from their regular activities, like at the end of a playing season or when they get home from working remotely.

We know that mates need to have a little freedom at the end of the playing season or a long stint away, but in the effort to reduce the health impacts of inactivity and lack of social connection, Greg makes it easy for mates to stay in touch.

One of the biggest factors motivating mates to keep active, is committing to a mate that they will turn up to an agreed training session. This is what Greg does best. Helps mates set an activity and then motivate them to turn up!

Mates often lead separate lives once the playing season is over, but now there is a way to stay connected over the casual training sessions that still go on, think beach runs, mountain bike rides, surfing, swimming, tennis….the list is long.

Greg is the app making it easier to get active with mates and we’d love your support to share Greg with your members.

How can you help mates stay connected?

  1. Introduce Greg in an EDM or on your socials and tell mates to stay active and connected this off season on Greg. Use the  Logos from the brand assets for ease of sharing and tag Greg on socials.
  2. If you host casual training sessions that mates can rock up to when they ready and can join in with minimal commitment, set it as an activity in the app.

Keen to learn more about supporting your members in the off season, you can read about it on our blog.

Learn more about why we need Greg.


  • Find or create your own Activities.
  • Connect with mates and likeminded legends to find team mates.
  • Get your group on and easily chat and organise catch ups and activities.
  • Learn from experts to help you achieve balance in your life, by connecting with Businesses and Clubs.
  • Inspire mates by posting Motivations.
  • Look after yourself, utilise the home screen dashboard and the Rate Yourself tool to track your progress towards a happy & healthy life.
  • And it’s always FREE for mates.

How do I get started?

1. Set up a personal Profile in minutes, make sure to add in your interests
2. Find or host your own Activities and welcome mates to join.
3. Create a Group via Connect and invite your mates
4. Hook up with experts via Connect to support a well balanced lifestyle
5. Get out. Get active. 

Ready to #GetGreg