I don’t know about you, but every year in January I get this sudden urge to resume my tennis ‘career’.

One of Australia’s premier sporting events, the Australian Open, rolls around every summer. It is an exciting time where Australia is front and centre for all the right reasons (take that as you will, Novak).

Watching Ash Barty tear apart her opponents while dropping only one game. Seeing Kyrgios crushing aces. Its enough to make you want to get out on the court yourself!

So, I could grab my ‘97 Yonix, my freshly-chewed tennis balls the dog has claimed and head to the nearest concrete wall, practice my forehand to myself for five minutes before I realise playing tennis alone sucks. Or, I could get on Greg, set up an activity and head to the local courts to get a set or two in!

The best blokes on Greg aren’t worried about your ability or fitness level. They just want to get together with quality lads in their area and smack some balls.

Tennis is perfect. You can play with one other person, you can play with three, you can rotate and have a bunch of fellas getting involved. You can even bring along a 6-pack and enjoy a quiet beer afterwards (or during).

So what are you waiting for? Fire up the app and set up an activity! Just be sure to have some ice handy in the freezer for the well-earned soreness tomorrow.


FYI, you can head here to find courts near you.