Australia, we have a new modus operandi – ‘Doing a Dubler’ 

Cedric Dubler won’t be coming home from the Tokyo Olympics with a medal around his neck. But his legendary act of manspiration displayed during the last race of the men’s 10-event Decathlon should forever be engraved on the psyche of Australian guys. 

For those of you who need catching up, Dubler dropped back in the final stages of the 1500m race to passionately cheer and spur on his teammate Ash Maloney to finish the race strongly. Ash would ultimately cross the line in 12th  place – enough to take out Bronze.  

At that moment, two things became clear. 

  1. Decathalons are bloody hard. 
  1. We all need a Dubler in our lives. 

When you think about it, life can feel like a Decathalon we run alone. Every day we’re confronted by daunting challenges, from work races, to relationship hurdles and parenting pressures (hell, even remembering to put the bin out can be an event). And if you fail? It’s your own damn vault. 

It’s time we realised manhood isn’t DIY. We all need a mate to encourage, challenge and inspire us, a mate that’s always there to crack a joke or lift our spirits when the going gets tough (we checked – it’s in the Ts and Cs of being an Australian). 

‘Doing the Dubler’ is the Greg way. Greg is your number one fan that cheers you on to succeed in whatever you do. I’m not talking about representing your country in elite sport. I’m talking about those day-to-day activities that help you live your life to the fullest. 

Trying to extend your deck? Greg’s got your back. Trying to lose a few kilos? Greg’s got your back. Wanting to get back into a team sport? Greg’s got your back. 

So, what’s the first thing you can do? Set a goal. Something real, that you can measure and you can start to make a plan around. Once you’ve done this, post it as a Motivation in the app and tag GregHQ. Let’s find the connections you need to make this a reality. Whatever stage of life you’re at, keep looking forward and thinking about what’s next. There is no judgement here. 

And that’s just the start. Remember, we’re all part of Team Man, the world’s biggest brotherhood. So who are you cheering for? Tag a mate that needs to know you’re rooting for them.  

Let’s ‘Do a Dubler’ together. 

Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images.
Source:Getty Images