It takes a good chunk of the season to develop team chemistry in any sport. Training together week after week, big games as a team and the odd social event helps to bring the crew together.
But when the season ends and people return to other sports or put more energy into other areas of life like work and family, that chemistry, as well as fitness levels, can drop away.

Greg. changes that. It enables teams to stay as one throughout the breaks and maintain those bonds, enjoy each other’s company, and keep the extra kilos off.

The activity function takes the best parts of other apps and puts it into one. You’ll never have to rock up for a session not knowing who to expect. You can enter all the important details, like specific locations, attendance limits and any costs involved to avoid forking out the weekly fee without anyone paying you back.

Team groups can set up private or public activities, invite people within or outside the group, chat amongst themselves and post motivations to keep encouraging everyone.


How would your team use it?
  • Jono always comes out and wins the first trial of preseason by 3 laps. Sam, on the other hand, is paying $1.01 to log a DNF. Jono starts putting his own runs on Greg as an activity and drags Sam and others along.
  • Mitch works nightshift in the offseason. He always loses his motivation on nights.
    Gavin also works nightshift and starts putting his morning sessions on Greg. Mitch sees there is other people in his situation, and they begin training together.
  • Eric is thinking of signing up to the team next season, so he joins the team group on Greg. He sees an activity – a jog followed by a beer at the local on Saturday arvo. Eric can head along to see how he likes it and get to know some of his future teammates.

The examples don’t stop there, but I’m out of fake names. You’ll find more and more uses for the function as you get to know the app.


Who can use it?

Teams involved in any sport at any level have a place on Greg and can make use of the activity function.

Elite football teams with 60 players, 10-man social basketball teams, corporate volleyball teams of 4 or running clubs with thousands of members.

Every level needs the ability to communicate, plan and organise.


The TL; DR

Greg enables your team to stay fit, stay connected and check in on each other throughout the offseason. Whether it’s the new lads, quiet players, loudmouths, team leaders or those who need an extra kick up the a**, Greg is the guy to bring them all together, more often.


Download the app now and make sure you share the link to in your team chat!