Hello fellow man.Do you feel like you’re shouldering the burden of manhood like a sweaty 400 pound sumo wrestler has jumped on for a horsey ride?

It’s time to make positive change in your life. It’s time to #GetGreg.

Who the heck is Greg?

Greg is not just an app. He’s your best mate, a pal in your pocket who inspires, reminds and enables you to be a better bloke with every tap, every post, every ridiculous meme that makes you snort beer through your nose.

Once you’re on Greg, you’ll join a community of likeminded legends who are keen as mustard to get out of the house, get fit, connect with mates, try new things, get advice or reach out after a tough day.


Improve men’s lives through physical activity and social connection.

On Greg, you can…

Connect with mates

Match with mates, clubs and businesses nearby that share the same interests as you.

Learn something new

Advice, tips and hook ups to help you achieve balance in life.

Get out and active

Find activities and events or go one better and host your own!

Shoot the breeze

Chat with your mates to get them off the couch and doing cool things.

Keep track of your progress

A dashboard lets you know how you’re going, on a scale of one to Greg!

It’s time to #GetGreg

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