As men, we must make sure we look after ourselves so we can be the best possible version of ourselves; and then we’re also able to look after our mates.

To help you develop some more skills in looking after yourself, I am going to share with you some of the ways I look after me.

  • Exercise – When we exercise, we release a chemical in the brain called Endorphin and it is this chemical that makes us feel good. Exercise also allows us the opportunity to get outside and meet other likeminded active people. Exercise is good for Greg.
  • Learn – Learning new things stimulates our brains but also gives us things to talk about with our friends. Learn something new by watching a documentary, cooking a new dish, planting a garden, tackle a new language, a musical instrument, anything you have not tried in the past. When we learn and conquer a new skill, we feel a great sense of achievement. Lifelong learning is good for Greg.
  • Give – Do things for others without asking anything in return. Be the person who gives compliments, helps others, acknowledges the efforts of others, brings a cake to work or volunteers at the animal shelter. Do the little things for others and note how good you feel yourself. Greg likes to help others.
  • Spend time with positive people – Find the people who make you smile and actively seek them out and spend time with them. Be proactive in organising events, meetings, social get togethers or just by picking up the phone for a chat. Allow yourself to interact with other positive and happy people. Greg loves his mates.
  • Take notice – learn to appreciate the little things in life such as a good coffee, a sunny day, the warmth of an open fire, a cold beer. Take notice of how these things make you feel. Find the good in every day. Greg loves life.

Fortunately for us, all 5 of the above can be done together. You can exercise with others, learn new skills with others, surround yourself with other likeminded and positive people, give to others without asking for anything in return and take notice of all the little things in life with those around you.  

Find ways to incorporate these 5 things into to your week and actively notice the positive difference that they make.

Greg tries to be the best he can.


Written by Tim Dansie