Want to inspire your fellow inhabitants of the earth to get active?

If you answered Yes, then read on.

Here’s how you can help

  1. Set your activities in the app
  2. Invite mates
  3. Capture the moment.


Improving lives and transforming society through physical activity and social connection.

Encourage mates to get off the sideline by;

1. Set activities in the app

Show others how you get active.

  • Set an Activity via the main menu.
  • Leave the activity open to the public, so mates can see what is happening around them.
2. Invite your mates

Make it easier to get your mates together.

  • Create and name your Group via Connect.
  • Invite mates to your Group.
  • Invite mates to an Activity.
  • Get out and have fun.
3. Capture the moment and motivate more mates 

Share a photo or video from your activity as a Motivation, send from your Profile.

Tag mates by using @Name.

Tag @GregHQ if you want to share your Motivation with more Greg members.

It’s time to #GetGreg

Shout your support from the rooftops

On your own socials – Tag Greg.

When sharing any photo or content that aligns with the mission to inspire everyone to get active and lead a healthy life – Tag Greg.

Utilise hashtags for the posts

Follow Greg. on Instagram and Facebook.

Engage on Greg. socials

Like, comment and tag mates that the message relates to.

Share posts.

Other people’s social accounts – Tag Greg.

Where there is a post or conversation that is relevant to the Greg mission, add a comment in your own words and tag Greg.

Want to help even more;

  • Utilise brand assets
  • Add that you are a Proud Supporter of Greg. to your social account bio, tag Greg.
  • Link to Greg. from your business website or in your communication channels, and through your network or communities you are involved with.
  • If you’ve got a business that supports living a healthy lifestyle, go one step further and set up a Pro Account.

Not sure how Greg can help you, just ask!

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